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Adrenaline Rush

The Best Sports for Thrilling Adventure Sports near Pune

Adventures serve as the perfect break from hectic routines. We keep seeking something new, to help us break away from monotony. Pune is a city bustling with a young crowd constantly looking out for something new to try. Besides being a culturally rich city with various sightseeing options, there are also many destinations around Pune that people can go to, to get their regular dose of adventure. Here are our top picks for thrilling adventure spots around Pune, for your next weekend getaway: Read More

The Best Adventure Destinations around Pune

All are constantly trying to escape the ordinary. One of the best ways to step out of your comfort zone is to frequently try out new adventure sports. The adrenaline rush is like nothing else, making you feel almost light-headed. Adventure sports make you challenge yourself, and ensure that you feel rejuvenated after the experience. Luckily for people living in Pune, there are many destinations nearby that will cater to your need for adventure.

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Extreme Sports for a One of a Kind Adventure

Each of us has a task – if we are students, then we are bound to our books, assignments and classes while our tuition are paid by our parents. Meanwhile, as part of the working class we are bound by our employee duties as we do it for a living, and for us to earn money to spend for every day. However Read More

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