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Adventure Experience

The Best Sports for Thrilling Adventure Sports near Pune

Adventures serve as the perfect break from hectic routines. We keep seeking something new, to help us break away from monotony. Pune is a city bustling with a young crowd constantly looking out for something new to try. Besides being a culturally rich city with various sightseeing options, there are also many destinations around Pune that people can go to, to get their regular dose of adventure. Here are our top picks for thrilling adventure spots around Pune, for your next weekend getaway: Read More

The Best Adventure Destinations around Pune

All are constantly trying to escape the ordinary. One of the best ways to step out of your comfort zone is to frequently try out new adventure sports. The adrenaline rush is like nothing else, making you feel almost light-headed. Adventure sports make you challenge yourself, and ensure that you feel rejuvenated after the experience. Luckily for people living in Pune, there are many destinations nearby that will cater to your need for adventure.

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5 Reasons Why Adventure Activities Bring People Closer

Ever wondered why people you have known for ages seem to behave differently on vacations than in office? Similarly, why are people much more light headed & full of energy when it comes to adventures or outdoor activities? The reason is simple, a relaxed mental state makes for a happier living being, thus making Read More

5 Reasons to Choose Adventure Backpacking Over Suitcase Travel

Travelling for exploration & adventure is the latest hook for youngsters & young at heart folks! But did you know that the way you travel also tells a great deal about your personality? Here’s what we mean – The easy goers & young adventurers may prefer an accommodative backpack while those who are more methodical prefer Read More

5 Reasons Why A Heli-Skiing Trip is the Best Way to Break Free

If your daily routine consists of rushing to the office in a sleepy state and returning home fully exhausted then it is time to break out of the rut. You have been inhaling the polluted air and living in an artificial environment for far too long. You can break free from the shackles of a modern lifestyle by surrendering yourself to an Read More

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