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Water Sports In India

Water Sports: Top Extreme Ocean Water Sports in India

India is a hot spot for adventurous water sports due to the coastline as well as the pretty beaches that it has. More importantly, to note it is known for extreme ocean water sports from surfing to parasailing, snorkeling among others. Ocean water sports in India have been made much easier as some of the resorts offer a wide spectrum of infrastructure that facilitates these sports. Some of these resorts are Kadmat and Bangaram. Read More

Choose To Chance the Rapids and Dare to Dance the Tides

People say that a river is smooth, calm and a natural beauty. Yes, it of course is. But it has a completely different side to it too. Rivers can be treacherous and wild. How would you feel like taming the wild? Sounds thrilling? Welcome aboard to river rafting, the hottest adventure sport of all time. As the calm and serene river Read More

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